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Translation Bureau «Accent»
Address: Russia, 426060 Izhevsk, Internazionalniy per., 11
Phone: +7 (3412) 67-77-97

Bank details

Llc. Translation Bureau «Accent»
Settlement account # 40702810800110100433
NB «TRUST» affiliate (OAO) in Izhevsk city
Correspondence account 30101810800000000803 in GRKZ of National Bank of the Udmurt Republic
INT 183101001
Industrial Enterprise Classification Code 183101001

Russia, City of Izhevsk, Karla Marksa Street, 425, 426001
Telephone: +7 3412 67-77-97

General director: Zanozina Ioulia
Russia, Izhevsk city
Internazionalniy per., 11
Phone: +7 (3412) 67-77-97