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Our Translation Bureau has a translation quality control system. Choosing Translation Bureau ACCENT, you are making a professional and competent partnership along with getting additional benefits such as:

• quality
• compliance with work deadline and schedule
• wide range of services
• confidentiality.

Please, get acquainted with our prices and make sure that our rates are the best price and quality correlation on a translation services market.


- We have a wonderful base for legal translation: personnel with major in law who speaks foreign language (their specialization is legal translation), variety of specialized dictionaries and legal literature.

- We choose a translator on individual basis and in accordance with his/her specialization. The chosen translator specializes in this particular area and has no opportunity to forget the terminology.

- Our Translation Bureau has a translation quality control system. Translation is being checked up by two translators as minimum. On your request philologist editor can do proofreading.


- Moreover, we have a profound experience in the field of our specialization. During the last six months we have translated and notary certified translator’s signatures on more than 600 documents.

- Our interpreters lived and had internships abroad not later then two years ago. They have an opportunity to keep on practicing in foreign language. Obviously, there is no way to achieve a high level in interpreting but practice.

- Monthly
• We provide services for 4-5 foreign delegations mainly from such countries as: USA, Spain, Italy;
• We translate about 440 pages (495 000 symbols).


- We never give any information on our clients without their consent. You are the one who will know your translator’s name.


• English
• Spanish
• French
• Italian

We also work with other European languages, oriental languages and languages of CIS countries. Please, first, consult with our managers about every certain language.

Russia, Izhevsk city
Internazionalniy per., 11
Phone: +7 (3412) 67-77-97