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 ServiceUnitBasic price per unit
 Translation from English into Russian1 page A4 (1800 symbols of original text with gaps)200 rub.
 Translation from Russian into English250 rub.
 Translation from/into other widespread european languages (French, Spanish, Italian, German)300 rub.
 Translation of diploma, passport, birth/adoption/marriage certificates, written consent of parents and etc.1 document250 rub.
 Translation of stamp/seal from foreign language if the rest of the text is in Russian 1 stamp100 rub.
2.Interpretation *
 English, French, Spanish, Italian1 hour within Izhevsk city350 rub.
1 hour within Udmurt Republic370 rub.
1 day (8 hours) within Izhevsk city1100 rub.
1 day (8 hours) within Udmurt Republic1400 rub.
Other regionson a case-by-case basis
3.Prices and additional services
 genuineness of tranlsator’s signature1 document250 rub. (1 document) + 100 rub. each following document
 genuineness of a copy (including photocopy service)1 page of A430 rub.
 Apostille service1 document450 rub. (1 document) + 300 rub. each following document
 Photocopying/scanning1 page of A45 rub.
 Computer page proof (depends on the complexity of the text)1 page of A450 rub.
 Courier service (within Izhevsk city)Cost of order is not less than 2000 rub.100 rub.
Cost of order is 5000 rub. or moreFree
Regular customerFree

*Interpretation services are to be paid depending on the time translator spends at the event (starts from the moment of translator’s arrival at the event and finishes with the translator’s departure). Customer is to cover all travel expenses, food, and hotel costs.
**Specialized texts (of literary stylistics, technical terminology, legal or medical texts): extra charge up to 70%, depends on difficulty.
***Urgency: extra charge up to 100%. The order is considered to be uregent if translator is supposed to translate more than 5 pages of standart text per day.

1.Special large order discounts.
2.Place an order through our web site and get 10% discount.

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